Smart Trade Software • The right way into the crypto market
Immerse yourself in the new dimension of automated
Cryptotradings on the world's most important exchanges.
Safe. Powerful. Fast.
Smart Trade Platform is the software solution for the optimal management of your crypto values and simplifies the analysis and overview of the market. Make your transactions without loss of time and increase your profits with our automated tools!
  • Guaranteed no hidden costs
  • Live trading in arbitrage trading
  • High security standard at bank level
We operate in a very innovative and fast-growing market!
Take advantage of the exchange rate differences of the young crypto currencies at the Exchanges and start your success story on the crypto market with Smart Trade Software!

Everything at a glance

Each Exchange has a different interface and usually access is both complex and confusing at the same time. With the Smart Trade platform you can manage all your exchanges and funds with a single interface as soon as you have connected your exchanges once. Many important functions and analysis tools, such as charts, order books, trading history, etc., are already available in the basic version of the Smart Trade Platform. The dashboard is extremely user-friendly and intuitive.

Automatic trading like a professional

The full version of the software scans the course differences on the most important exchanges for you. Using our automated tools, such as arbitrage trading, you can take advantage of these price differences and simultaneously buy and sell according to your preferences. The software only executes this trade if it can be executed on both sides. You therefore earn the profit from the price difference without any risk.

Hidden costs are not smart.

Since Smart Trade software only processes trading signals, trades are executed directly between exchanges. For this reason, Smart Trade Software is 100 percent cost neutral. We guarantee that we do not charge any fees and do not charge any commission on the transactions. In addition, in arbitrage trading, the Exchanges fee is already calculated when you preset your profit focus. So you always have full cost control and are not unexpectedly surprised!

Arbitrage means time is money.

The price differences of crypto currencies only last for a very short time. The execution speed of the trades is therefore a decisive factor for profit maximization. This is why our software is designed to execute deals almost in real time.Moreover, in other forms of trading, the moments when the trade can be executed are crucial, and very few of our clients have all day to wait in front of the computer. Our software is designed to execute deals in near real time.